Which Type Of Home Inspection Do You Need?

buyers inspection

A home inspection will provide you with all the information you need to make a well informed decision. We will inspect everything from the foundation to the roof. Know the details so you can plan and negotiate accordingly.

sellers inspection

With many homes on the market, you want the best shot at selling your home quickly. Many sellers are choosing a home inspection before getting the property listed. We can preemptively provide you with all the recommend repairs.

termite inspection

Many lenders will require a termite report for closing. All of our home inspectors are also licensed termite inspectors, and we can provide you with the paperwork you need at the same time as the home inspection for your convenience.

what's new?

jul 2
Don't fill the weep holes! Weep holes are the gaps between the brick near the foundation of the home. They allow air into the wall so moisture vapor has a place to escape. We know it's annoying when ants find thier way inside, but these gaps should never be filled.
mar 8
Only one method of roof ventillation is preferred! If your home has soffit vents and ridge vents, this is a great system. It will cool well. When you try to add turbine vents it actually disrupts the airflow and the ridge vent will no longer draft properly, resulting in hotter temperatures than you started with.